Saturday, December 3, 2016

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I know it has been quite some time that this blog has been updated.  It was a total changeover to different kind of art that Kriyaetions has extended to.  Yes, food art...mainly chocolates and home bakes.

All these days, the transformation and expansion from crafts to the world of desserts was exciting and challenging.  It is an entire world of creativity.  The passion to create has kept us going.

From now on, we will be sharing our works on this blog too.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony Occasion Items for Born Babies 

Adjustable Baby Crown (kreetam) for the big day of the newborn

A small cute garland for the best occasion of his/her naming ceremony.  This garland is 1 feet in length.

A double color garland for the occasion

Arthi plates for the cute little one on his/her life's first function for the baby

A grand double decker arthi plate

Chota Rangolis

These are small single piece reusable rangolis.  They measure approximately 10 cm in diameter.  Best for pujas, return gifts, thamboolam gifts.

Aarti Plates

Aarti plates for every occasion: pujas, weddings, engagements, naming ceremonies, baby showers, housewarming etc. etc.

Double Decker Aarti Plate
Can also be used as a  Ring Platter for the Ring Ceremony in a Wedding or Engagement

Corporate Gift

These bowls were also designed with the corporate logo and given as Corporate Festive Gifts with the dry fruits packed and wrapped in with colorful ribbons.

:Logo designed and decorated bowl

Corporate Diwali Gift

This is a transformation of a simple melamine plate to a beautiful corporate gift for Diwali this time with the logo and dry fruits and the ribbons.  It was really exciting to do such gifts.  The MD of the company took utmost care in every part of the design showing their care for their staff to whom these gifts went it.  Such customizations make us also feel good to do them.

With the company's logo specially designed

With the dry fruit packages

Dry fruit packs designed as butterflies and wrapped neatly with ribbon and cellophane sheets with the ribbon bow matching the logo colors.

All set and ready for shipping

Hurray, all done!! All in a week's time right from the scratch of buying the plates to dry fruits and packing and wrapping.  It was tedious but real fun.  And the corporate client really happy with the whole thingy.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Golden Leaf Motif

This golden leaf made of handmade paper attracts any eye.  Neatly handcrafted, this motif piece can be incorporated as part of the rangoli decor that adds charm to the air around. 

Contact for this beautiful piece of decor.

A simple arrangement of the golden leaf motifs.  Add your creativity to decorate them the way you like.